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Toronto Custom Control Panels: Design Build Install

Control Panel Manufacturing in Toronto

New Panels
PLC & VFD panels
Central Control systems
Upgrade redesign rebuild panels
Retrofit and automate existing machinery
Production, Industrial Control and Automation

Process & Production Engineering
Electrical and Automation Engineering

Production line
Power Distribution
Centralized Controls

Motor Control Center
Production Automation
Sub Distribution Boards

We have built and installed Control Panels for:

CNC Shop
Bottling Plant

Printing Plant
Assembly Lines
Pumping Station

Manufacturing Line
Packaging Machine
Die Casting Machine

Coil Winding Machine
Water Treatment Plant
Commercial Air Dryers

Cement packaging plant
Air Conditioning Systems
Building power management

Power Source Synchronizing
Material Handling Equipment
Diesel generator power station

We make custom control panels in Toronto and GTA


Custom control panel maker

We produce, manufacture, build, create, construct control panels to your order