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Wiring in Toronto: audio, video, data. Home & Office Automation

Low voltage wiring in Toronto GTA: telecom, signal, TV, video, audio, data wiring

Digital cable wiring, coax, fiber, control wiring

Contemporary digital audio-video system installation and wiring:
analog video camera systems and coaxial cable wiring
IP camera video systems, digital/network wiring
audio-visual equipment network wiring
audio-video recording studio wiring
digital camera network wiring
audio studio wiring Toronto
recording studio wiring
video studio wiring

Total Home Automation system installation to control:
voice and audio equipment
video equipment

Automation system installation in Conference and Boardrooms
Advanced total Home, Office, Building Automation in Toronto, GTA
System wiring and installation in offices & courtrooms
Distance control technologies via Internet
Classroom audio & video systems
Training Center automation

Modern telephone system installation and wiring:
music on hold, paging, and other phone system features

Computer network wiring and cabling:
data networks (10Base, 100Base, and 1000Base or Gigabit)
troubleshooting wiring in Ethernet networks

Intercoms, security, alarms, sensors, and video surveillance systems

Security systems:
installation and wiring sensors for burglar alarm systems: contact-closure, magnetic, passive IR, smoke, water, etc.
wiring PIR detectors in burglar alarm systems
Prox-card/RFID card readers
RJ-31x "security" jacks

Solder, wire-wrap, and terminate cables with BIX, Scotch, compression, crimp, solder, and other types of termination techniques

Install/pull audio cable, speaker cable, coaxial cable, and various data cables

LCD and plasma TV wall & ceiling installation and in-wall wiring
any wiring: electric, audio, video, computer, network, coax
home theater installation, in-wall speakers

Interactive multi-room audio and videoteledoorbells (video and microphone)


Audio, video, data wiring in Toronto

Toronto concealed wiring behind drywall, data Toronto network wiring, video wire fishing Toronto wiring behind drywall, presentation equipment wiring in Toronto audio wiring