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New Home Construction Electrical Contractor in Toronto

New house wiring - from electrical design to indoor
and outdoor wiring including panel installation

We work with General Contractors, New Home Builders and Developers

ESA licensed electrical contractors in Toronto do electrical wiring in single family homes, custom luxury houses, cottages, townhouse projects

Fast, honest, reliable and worry free new home wiring

Dealing with us is extremely simple


come, have a look and give you an estimate. Sign an agreement
pull ESA permit for the temporary service pole installation
provide the site with temporary electrical power supply
rough-in and panel installation takes just a few days
pass the ESA rough-in inspection with no defects
come back when the walls are finished; install
switches, receptacles, devices and lights
pass the final ESA inspection

If your drawings, plans, and wiring diagrams were correct we do not make mistakes due to our vigorous quality control

We specialize in new home wiring. We are experts in new construction electrical work

House electrical systems from start to finish in single detached houses, semi detached homes and traditional town-homes

We take care of the entire new home development
From traditional home wiring to contemporary, luxury and exotic custom built houses

We work with home owners and as subcontractor for general contractors and builders

House construction electrical contractor