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Temporary Service Pole Installation in Toronto

Hydro pole installation in Toronto. Utility and temporary electrical power supply service poles

Temporary Service Pole Installation in Toronto

Renovating an old house or building a new home in the area serviced by overhead power lines?
New construction of a commercial building with underground service?
Need a temporary electrical power supply?

Only approved pole, conduit, meter base, panel, braces or guy wires and smaller parts are used
Bracing, guy wires, guy guards: if there is a substantial pull from the hydro lines
ESA permit is required, arranged and inspection is passed
Hydro pole installation on private property

Call us for:
Pole-mounted metered electrical power supply installation for temporary service
Pole-mounted meter, panel with breakers & GFCI receptacles
Temporary overhead and underground service
Permanent utility pole installation
Pole line contractor in GTA

We comply with sufficient vertical clearance requirements:
above pedestrian walkway or sidewalk
street, driveway or roadway
rooftop or deck

And maintain appropriate horizontal clearance from:
other poles, buildings, and structures

Everything conforms to code: Main Breaker
Meter box, conduit and grounding
Overcurrent protection

Temporary Service Pole Installation in Toronto