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Evaluation of Electrical Engineers Technologists Electricians Immigrating to Canada

Evaluation of professional adaptability and employability for Electrical Engineers, Technologists, and Electricians upon arrival in Canada.

I am a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Russia.

I provide Formal Evaluations of Credentials and Professional Experience to electrical engineers, technologists and electricians certified by myself, a Canadian Licensed Master Electrician, Licensed Electrical Contractor and business owner.

Evaluations that I issue are formal from a Canadian Licensed Electrical Professional point of view.

The evaluations could or could NOT help applicants in succeeding with their immigration process.

I personally went through the evaluation of my own foreign credentials and all other problems that immigrants experience in Canada. I have overcome the barriers and hurdles that internationally
trained electrical engineers and electricians face in Canada. Including passing electrician certificate of qualification exam, lack of Canadian occupation-specific language skills, training and experience.

And I know who is employable and who is not. Because I interview and hire electricians myself.

So my evaluation, if positive, would demonstrate applicant's employability upon arrival in Canada. And that is one of the most important points that consular officers consider during the interview.

I charge $600 USD pre-paid for the evaluation. The payment is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

I do not provide any immigration services whatsoever. I do not do immigration consulting. I provide the evaluation of occupational adaptability to electrical professionals and skilled tradespeople for immigration or any other purposes.

In plain English, I give my professional opinion as to whether or not you would be able to find a job in Canada fast and keep it.

Consult your immigration advisor, lawyer, or a Visa officer in Canadian embassy, high commission, or consulate if such formal evaluation could be beneficial to you or not.

It works like this:
  1. Applicant emails a request for the evaluation of professional adaptability and employability
  2. I email the applicant a questionnaire in English
  3. Applicant emails back the completed questionnaire and scanned English translations of diplomas, certificates of qualification, resume, employment history and sends the payment
  4. Within five business days I email back the evaluation along with copies of my own credentials, certificates and licenses

In about 60% percent of cases immigration visa offices ask me to email them copies of all the documents. I do that at NO extra charge.

Other pre-paid services:
  1. Paid assessment of your chances for employment in Canada in the electrical field. A formal letter certified by myself, a Canadian Licensed Master Electrician, Licensed Electrical Contractor and business owner will be provided.
  2. Pre-paid $80/hr questions and answers over the phone or Skype related to:
    electrical work in Canada, employment, licensing and certification of the foreign trained electrical engineers, technologists and electricians
  3. electrical business and investment in Canada
  4. import - export of electrical products, joint ventures, business development, etc.
  5. the easiest way to acquire P. Eng. certification
  6. the easiest way to quickly acquire an electrician certificate of qualification and find a job in a few weeks or months after arrival
  7. any other electrical Qs related to Toronto, or Ontario, or Canada
  8. The rate is $80 per hour pre-paid


PS  I do not do Job Offers