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Install charger electrical contractor in Toronto

Connect scissor lift, reach truck, or forklift charger

Electrician in Toronto installs equipment chargers, protective devices and incoming AC wires that meet Canadian Electrical Code requirements and Ontario safety regulations. All parts of the system match the input current and voltage characteristics of the equipment

Installation includes a shut off switch, breaker, splitter and wiring using BX, EMT conduit or pipes. Your reach truck charger will be connected to a properly installed fused safety disconnect switch or to a correct type of the circuit breaker

Toronto electrical contractor installs, wires and connects items with the rated input voltage of:

240V one phase forklift in Oakville
220 V two pole reach truck in Markham
208 V single phase reach truck in Woodbridge
600 Volt three phase forklift in Thornhill, Ontario
installs a 480 Volt or 575 Volt scissor lift in Brampton
hook-ups a 208 V three phase scissor lift in Richmond Hill

Your scissor lift label or commercial forklift charger nameplate shows AC volts, phase and input current rating. A reach truck tag also displays output and recommended fuse Amp marking. Please take a picture of the sticker, tag or nameplate and email it to us. Or email us a link to the item installation manual

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Shop or factory in Mississauga
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Cold storage reach truck charger electrician in Toronto
Install welder, transformer or scissor lift charger in Scarborough

Install forklift charger in Toronto