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Commercial electrical contractor in Toronto

Turnkey wiring solutions

Renovation and new construction wiring in Toronto

Maintenance, repair & commercial wiring electrical contractor in Toronto

LED & induction lighting to cut energy, improve appearance, attract customers, increase sales
Troubleshooting, maintenance, lighting system repair electrical contractor in Toronto
Energy saving and efficient outdoor lighting installation and indoor retrofits

Motor, transformer, machine wiring, power lines and hook up
Commercial building exterior & interior lighting installation
Install dry transformer, power distribution panels, feeds

Building electrical room construction, panel upgrade
Weekend fast reliable service 7 days a week
Retail store & superstore renovation


ESA licensed commercial electrical contractor in Toronto

Choosing commercial electrical contractor

When it comes to commercial construction, there are several important things to consider.

Any electrical project deserves the best service there is, but commercial construction and large renovation projects are even more demanding. It will take extra time and effort for you to find the best contractor that has experience working on larger projects.

With a reputable electrical contractor on your side, from preliminary consultations, to design, through construction documentation to actual construction, we guarantee that all of your expectations will be met.

The entire process will go off without a hitch. The electrical work will meet or exceed your expectations, regardless of project size or complexity.

Our management teem has over 40 years of experience between them. And the company has been in operation since 1994, delivering quality workmanship at all times.

Hiring electrical subcontractor requires an extensive effort to find the best. Take the time to learn about our prior experiences and impressive reputation before hiring us. We offer references, previous project and customer information. Our licensing, insurance, banking and credit history, supplier account receivable statements and any other resources are also available for you to review. Make the best and informed decision because getting the best electrical firm matters. And we want you to be absolutely comfortable with choosing us.

Don’t choose the company with the cheapest rates. And do not go with the lowest price candidate. They could be the lowest because of quick but low quality workmanship or they are desperate and haven’t worked for some time. Feel comfortable with their personality, previous history, projects and customers, price, background and reputation.

Remember, a quality contractor will not give you a “low ball” offer. The best is never cheap!

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