Electrical Contractor in Toronto

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Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Commercial construction electrical contractor in Toronto
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As a leading provider of electrical services in South Western Ontario, we have been involved in the construction of commercial and industrial projects such as buildings, shopping malls, factories, processing plants, roads, bridges and railways.

We are one of the most experienced residential and commercial electrical contractors in the GTA. Our fully licensed electricians are qualified to perform electrical work of any complexity.

Company employs new strategies to conserve energy while reducing the costs of construction and operations. Our end product is a comfortable and intelligent building that delivers substantial savings for many years to come. Our work is based on the benefits of efficiently using less, while delivering and accomplishing more.

Looking forward, we are committed to the constant evolution of technology. This relentless pursuit of innovation allows us to deliver the top notch engineering solutions to every project.

New Building construction electrical contractor in Toronto
Underground utility construction, duct bank, hydro pole
electrical installations for new warehouse shop, plant
building Control and industrial automation systems
Equipment installation, wiring & commissioning
bridge and railway underground infrastructure Full List of Services in Toronto and GTA
power for new commercial building project
Store Construction Electrical Contractor
road conduit, poles, directional drilling
Condo Building Construction wiring
Factory & Manufacturing facilities
Production conveyor automation
Plant or shop transformer room
Highly Efficient LED Lighting
Motor installation and wiring
Main switchgear installation
Bus ducts and riser feeders
Assembly lines in Toronto


New commercial construction wiring, renovation rewiring electrical contractor in Toronto, building and factory, new home construction, industrial automation